Camp Callan

Camp Callan was built in 1940 as a Coast Artillery Corps replacement training center for new inductees. By 1942, the post had over 297 buildings, covered 23 blocks, had 5 post exchanges, 3 theaters and 5 chapels. About 15,000 men went through a 13 week training cycle with an emphasis on modern coast artillery and anti-aircraft defense weapons.

Today, the site contains a variety of developments including: the Torrey Pines golf course, several private businesses and research facilities, a glider port and a section of the University of California at San Diego. A few foundations are all that remain of the base.

From the Camp Callan Callander, an illustrated survey of the training and life at Camp Callan.

"This pictorial review of Camp Callan endeavors to sketch, photographically, the over-all picture of this Army camp and its training program. It touches on practically every phase of the life and activities of this replacement training center. It tells the story of the transformation of the finest American manhood into the finest American soldiers. Specifically, Camp Callan trains antiaircraft artillerymen. These are the men who will defend the skies for America on every battle front."

The Camp Callan "Camp Patch" borrowed its imagery from the local Torrey Pines Tree. Robert F. Kerr pictured with patches on lapel.

Date/sOctober 31, 1940 –September 8, 1946
Taxonomymilitary » base » U.S. Army
NRHP classificationinstitution-military
Location32.89847183227539, -117.24455261230469
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Camp Callan