Camp Elliot

"On June 14, 1940 the camp was formally designated Camp Elliot in honor of Major General George F. Elliot, the Marine Corps tenth Commandant 1903-1910.

While construction was underway the Marines had to live in tents. Early construction progressed quite well and by October 1940 twelve barracks and a mess hall was completed. Additional land acquisition for Camp Elliot was accomplished through a Declaration of Taking on April 8, 1941- Including the main camp area of 19,298.25 acres which came under federal ownership. This was further expanded to 26,034 acres.

In September 1942, Camp Elliot became the home of the Fleet Marine Force Training Center, West Coast with the mission of training individual replacements for combat duty. In January 1942, with over 10,000 Marines in the San Diego area, the 2nd Marine Division, under the command of Major-General C. F. B. Price, assembled at Camp Elliot and assumed the responsibility for the conduct of the training there. Although thousands of Marines passed through Camp Elliot enroute to Pacific duty, even this area could not meet the expansion needs for the training of the overseas replacements.

Camp Elliot, on 1 July 1946, became War Assets Administration Property for disposal and decommissioning. Portions of this training area came under Navy control and, in 1944, the Navy took over Camp Elliot from the Marines, who were later transferred to Camp Pendleton. Camp Elliot continued to function through the Korean War. The Navy maintain control of Camp Elliot and let the U.S. Air Force use it for the Orion Project testing in 1960.

In 1961 Camp Elliot was given to the City Of San Diego.

In addition to the main Camp area there were other training camps established on the Camp Elliot reservation “Camp Linda Vista, Green Farm Camp and Jacques Farm Camp, as well as a Parachute School."

This land is now owned by UCSD and is currently being used to for the Animal Care Program.

Date/sJune 13, 1940 –December 31, 1960
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Camp Elliot