"San Diego is a Secret Base" by Trevor Paglen

In January, 2005, Artist and photographer Trevor Paglen led a tour of little-known San Diego military and defense contractor sites.

From a text by Paglen:

"The trip began when we piled into five cars and drove to the north side of the UCSD campus, where the university blurs seamlessly into the offices of numerous defense industry giants. At the end of a road in a corporate park, we stopped the cars and walked through puddles of mud (it had been raining the day before) and onto a hill overlooking a sea of glass buildings. The site that we were interested in had black, mirror-like windows. There was no way to see in.

We were trying to look at the SAIC (Science Applications International, Inc.) company, described by the Associated Press as the "most influential company most people have never heard of" and by the Asia Times as "the most mysterious and feared of the big defense giants." Like most large defense contractors these days, SAIC doesn't offer one product: they are instead a kind of "one-stop-shop" for defense needs. They provide everything from technical support to research to psychological operations. Most recently, SAIC was in charge of the Pentagon-sponsored "Iraq Indigenous Media Network", set up as a competitor to Al-Jazeera in occupied Iraq. SAIC hired Robet Reilly, former director of the Voice of America propaganda network to do the job. SAIC's other commitments include a partnership with Bechtel to manage the Yucca Mountain project, and a huge presence at the secret testing ranges in Nevada and Southern California. Much of SAIC's work is classified. In conspiracy circles, SAIC is the alleged keeper of the U.S. antigravity-propulsion program. Like many stories in the conspiracy lore, there is a grain of fact to this story: in 1990, SAIC produced a study called "Electric Propulsion Study" for the USAF's then Astronautics Laboratory at Edwards AFB, indicating that SAIC had some competency with bizarre technologies."

Date/sJanuary 11, 2005
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  1. "San Diego is a Secret Base" by Trevor Paglen
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"San Diego is a Secret Base" by Trevor Paglen